What we lack is not time. It’s attention.

What we lack is not time. It’s attention.

Hey! Pss! Look here!
It’s much harder to stay focused when we’re multitasking.

Worse, if you have several color screens vying for your gaze, accompanied by numerous speakers in the environment flowing conversations, music, and parallel sounds.

The false feeling that time is short, or that you don’t have time for truly important things, is one of the consequences of trying to do too many things at once.

Scientists, traffic cameras, and insurance companies know all too well the results of human actions when attention is exaggeratedly dispersed.

Our brain is powerful, but it loves to save energy. Thinking is one of the most energy-intensive activities. However, every calorie spent on deep thought is worth it.

Treating symptoms is very good, but it is not as effective as taking care of the roots of problems.

And you, what do you think about it?